Specialized Ruze Pro 6Fattie
$ 3,100.00
If you couldn't go for more traction, control, and confidence out of your bike, well, we'll have what you're drinking, because you have more grit than any of us. Chances are, though, this all sounds pretty appealing, and lucky for you, the all- new Ruze Pro 6Fattie delivers on all of the above. And not only that, but it does so with a design that specifically tailored to women, from the frame all the way down to the crankarm length. Altogether, it's a bike that'll change how you ride trail.
  • When it came to construction, M4 Premium Aluminum proved to be the right material for the job, allowing a lightweight, durable frame with our Women’s Trail Geometry that’s equal parts snappy and efficient on climbs and descents, while also providing an utra-low standover height. It also allowed us to incorporate our exclusive Diamond Stay that accommodates the 6Fattie Wheel System without compromising on our hallmark short chainstays that provide unrivaled handling and climbing prowess.
  • A RockShox Reba RC3 650+ fork was developed to deliver 100mm of plush, trail taming travel, while our Women's Custom Tune for lighter riders ensures reliable handling and feel over rough, bumpy, or loose terrain.
  • 38mm-wide Roval 650b wheels are hand-built to provide the perfect tension and a longer lifespan, while an ultra-wide alloy design allows for higher tire volumes that decrease deflection in order to provide more stability and increased traction.
  • 650bx3.0" 6Fattie Ground Control tires feature a perfectly sized contact patch for life-changing levels of traction and control while cornering, all without sacrificing climbing efficiency or descending prowess.