$ 3,800.00
The Diverge Expert excels where the road ends. With its unique bottom bracket height and front rake angle, the Diverge performs confidently and smoothly across any terrain. Meanwhile, the high-end FACT 10r carbon frame and fork provide both efficiency and comfort for long adventures in the saddle. Coupled with the rock-solid Ultegra 11-speed build kit that provides a wide range of gearing options, the only limit to your exploration is how good your map is.
  • The Specialized FACT 10r carbon frame and fork combine the lightweight performance and compliance of our top-end carbon production methods with the vibration damping of Zertz inserts to smooth out even the harshest roads and provide confident and predictable handling.
  • AXIS 4.0 Disc wheels provide plenty of control and performance in a bulletproof package, while the Roubaix Pro tires with Blackbelt protection keep flats at bay over rough terrain.
  • The FSA SL-K Light crankset couples seamless shift quality with excellent power transfer to form a durable and reliable package that'll last for years.