Specialized Crave SL 29
$ 1,350.00
From the ultra-minimalist to the beginning racer, the single speed, fully rigid Crave SL 29 will deliver all of the performance you need for either a ride with your buddies or a race on the weekend. It features a M4 aluminum construction that's light and stiff, plus a carbon fiber fork that maintains efficiency while soaking up minor bumps and vibrations. For the build, we took a minimal approach, spec'ing it with durable components that can take a beating and hand one right back out—perfect for the simplified rigors of single speed mountain biking.
  • M4 Premium Aluminum proved to be the right material for the job, allowing a lightweight, durable frame with our XC 29 Geometry for an efficient power transfer and handling at speed.
  • Our Chisel carbon fork features a monocoque design to ensure a low overall weight and plenty of stiffness. This results in a fork that delivers plenty of speed and response, making it perfect for the minimalist racer.
  • Our Stout XC Pro 29" rims have been laced to hubs of the same name, and when combined, you get a light wheelset with plenty of stiffness and control for mixed terrain.
  • 29x2.1" Ground Control (front) and 29x2.0" Fast Trak (rear) tires provide plenty of traction over a multitude of terrain types, while still remaining one of the fastest tires for XC racing in our fleet.
  • Shimano Deore M506 brakes handle stopping duties, providing the perfect blend of reliability, strength, and power.