Dynastar Power Track 84 2017
$ 359.99
The Dynastar Powertrack 84 returns for 2017 with slightly updated graphics.
It remains one of the most unique shapes in all of skiing, and one of the best all-mountain skis money can buy.  Dynastar observed what made current freeride and all-mountain shapes so useful and successful, and combined some of those elements to create the Powertrack series.  A modern rocker/camber profile makes the ski both useful and useable whether on hard or soft snow.  A modern 5 point sidecut produces a variety of turn shapes in any condition.  The Dynastar Powertrack 84 is the first ski to bring these increasingly common design elements together in a ski with a relatively slim 84mm waist.  What does all this jargon mean?! Six inches of fresh powder? 
Slash, spin, and stomp to your heart's desire. Groomer corduroy after a week of blue bird?  Carve trenches any shape you want until the lifts stop running. 
The Dynastar Powertrack 84 is the new standard for enjoying the entire mountain.