$ 3,909.00

The Stromer ST1 is an award-winning e-bike which sets a new standard for stylish and capable urban transportation. Beneath its sleek, outward appearance lies a wealth of Swiss-engineered innovation in advanced technology and modular design.


  • Sleek Li-Ion power module is fully integrated into the down tube, and is easily removed with the press of a button.
  • Efficient Regenerative braking technology increases ride range while maximizing battery efficacy.
  • Smooth Gearless 500-watt motor delivers an efficient and ultra-quiet ride quality.
  • Reliable Maintenance-free operation ensures complete peace of mind, day in and day out.
  • Nimble Smooth power transfer increases riding efficiency and delivers superb hill-climbing capability.
  • Convenient Li-Ion battery can be charged onboard or quickly removed and charged separately.
  • Versatile Tuned to the needs of every ride, four selectable power modes are available at just the touch of a button.
  • Programmable Digital Stromer interface allows for complete customization of user settings and ride characteristics.
  • Modular  Build your Stromer with the battery and motor to best suit your ride..
  • Capable Fitted with a lightweight, BMC-designed carbon fiber fork and Schwalbe Big Ben tires for confident shock absorption, predictable handling, and ultimate riding comfort.


Power System

The Stromer ST1 is equipped with a brushless, direct-current motor in the rear hub, which is powered by the battery. Since the motor is fully integrated inside the hub, the only mechanical contact occurring within is between the industrial ball bearings, resulting in an ultra-efficient and virtually maintenance-free system. During an average ride on the ST1, the bike’s energy consumption is less than a single kilowatt hour per 100 kilometres ridden. The ST1’s motor power is available in three configurations: Mountain 25* which provides a smooth and strong ride quality with complete energy economy, Mountain 33 for meeting the requirements of high-torque ride applications like climbing or payload towing, and Power 48 which delivers the ST1’s maximum speed of 45kph while making short work of variable terrain.



The battery integrated into the frame is an energy package. 
At a low weight of 3 kg, it offers 396 Wh or optionally 522 Wh of power.



  • Disk brakes: All Stromer models are equipped with hydraulic disk brakes. Brake performance is adapted to the high speed and the higher weight of the modular E:Bike.
  • Tires: For increased safety, the Stromer is equipped with tires with integrated puncture protection. The Schwalbe BigBen tire developed especially for Stromer offers increased shock absorption for the most comfortable ride.
  • Fork: Impacts and vibrations are minimized by the light Stromer carbon fork. Thanks to the high level of comfort, cycling fun is guaranteed.


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