SKS Raceblade Long

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Putting in some long winter base miles? If you're at all like me, you've been taking advantage of the relatively dry weather we've been having, in the process scuffing up the paint on your seatstays and fork blades with your clip-on fenders. Maybe you're even having to stop every now and again (perhaps after a sneaky pothole) to adjust how they sit in relation to your wheels. SKS, the company behind the ever-popular Raceblade fenders, is clued in to the flaws of the rubber-affixed system that we've all become used to. New for this winter are the SKS Raceblade Long fenders. Behold: 

Rather than attaching to your frame directly, these have removeable tabs that sandwich underneath your QR skewers and brake calipers. First-time installation takes a few minutes, but after that they go on and come off as easy as the original Raceblades. 

Here is how they interface with your brake caliper:

The metal tab stays, the rest clips on and off in an instant, with minimal effort or adjustment.

They offer a substantial amount more coverage than the original Raceblades, too, extending well beyond the caliper, both front and rear. So not only will you keep your butt & feet dry, your riding buddies will also be pleased to not be eating grit and grime while fighting to hold your wheel! 

We have a pair in stock right now, come get 'em installed and add a little comfort and convenience to the many miles ahead!

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Rossignol Soul 7

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Soul 7 is a game changer.

It's game changer in that at 180 length & 106 underfoot, the ski is super turny, super nimble, super fun. It is essentially a one-ski quiver. 

Try it as an AT ski, but it also grooms like a champ & will float in powder - it's fully rockered. 

Oh, and it's light as air. 

You'll notice it's not on Rossi's website - That's because it's next year's ski. Need it now? Well, are expecting a phone booth (excellent!) full of them any day now. We'll be one of the only shops in the Northeast to have them in stock, so stop on by to check them out. They really do need to be seen (& of course skied) to be believed!

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