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Last summer, I had ACL reconstruction and was immobile for more than a month. It was the worst. The pain, the aggravation and the slow processI soon began to take a toll physically and mentally. I Realized that being on my mountain bike in eight weeks was not going to happen. I was exercising  in the gym, going to PT and slowly getting discouraged on my progress. (I'm no kid anymore). Fast forward to the Cannondale dealer demo in Utah. Basically, I was going to hang out and watch as others were riding cross country, road and downhill bikes. Not ideal, until I decided to try the Cannondale Moterra, their pedal assisted electric bike version made with a Bosch motor and 120-300 % capability. First, I rode it around the parking lot of Snowbasin, soon thereafter, I was testing it on an access road above the main base lodge. Finally, two months out of surgery with the help of an electric bike, I was standing at the summit via the Moterra. Amazing! I was sold! More importantly, I had a new respect for what these bikes could do and who they could help.

At the end of the day, ebikes are brand new facet of cycling. There's sure to be skeptics as we introduce them into the world of bikes. But it's clear that ebikes are a tool that can make communities healthier and more bike friendly. They will have their naysayers, however, they get cars off the road and people riding that might not ride ever! Whether you love them or hate them, they are here to stay. I'd challenge you to stop by and either ride them or talk to one of us  who has ridden them or owns one. 

-Dave Buckley


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Barolo and the Langhe

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Relax, recharge and explore the roads, food, wine and culture of Northwest Italy

Recently designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Langhe  is home to the wine appellations of Barolo and Barbaresco as well as many others. It is also here that the Slow Food movement began thirty years ago. The chefs, restaurants and food purveyors take the concept to heart producing delicious food that embodies the movement’s ethics of quality, sustainability and reverence for the rich and historic traditions of Italian cooking native to this region. Here, where the sea meets the Alps – literally and figuratively — we are 60 miles from the Mediterranean coast and 60 miles to the maritime Alps as they rise to meet the French alpine border to the West.

We offer two lodging alternatives For private groups – A large, farmhouse set in the vineyards of Barolo with sweeping views to the Alps. Five bedrooms — twin bed or king configuration with private, adjoining bathrooms. A large kitchen/dining/living area that opens onto a terrace and pool. The property is a former “cascina” or farmhouse, recently renovated for large group gatherings. At this property during a typical week we offer 3 catered meals centered on the local “cucina tipica Piemontese”. The balance of dining is nearby in traditional trattorias and some new and interesting restaurants recently opened by inspired chefs. We also offer lodging in small, private hotels in the adjacent villages of La Morra or Monforte d’Alba. The properties feature on-premise dining, pool and spa facilities. Privately owned and managed, they reflect the owner’s good taste. For those looking for more modest accommodations we have relationships with a few wonderful bed and breakfasts. We are happy to craft the lodging choice to your desire. The Langhe is laced with thousands of kilometers of quiet, well paved country roads for cycling. The terrain is similar to the foothills of the Rockies and the mountains of New England. Climbs average 700 feet with an overall grade of 5-8%. The rides can expand or contract from 20 to 100 miles. A particular favorite is a 60 mile ride to the Mediterranean over the Apennine ridge. It can be combined with an afternoon swim in the Mediterranean Sea at Finale Ligure and a seaside trattoria dinner. 

We organize and plan cycling itineraries to match the desired intensity of the group. We can arrange a dedicated guide for individuals who would like a more comprehensive and strenuous cycling experience. We now offer electric bikes as an alternative, allowing individuals to cycle the same itinerary as our road bike riders at a reduced physical energy expenditure. We’re impressed by the seamless integration of these bikes into our dedicated cycling tours. Spouses and friends can ride, experience, converse and participate in the day’s itinerary while determining the level of ease or physical effort they’d like to exert with the switch of a lever. We provide van support throughout the day for water, intermediate snacks and a change of clothing. During our day we often stop for an espresso and gelato to refuel for the miles ahead as we pass through the Langhe’s iconic hill towns — seemingly unchanged from the past.

The Langhe abounds in off-the-bike activities as well. There are castles, museums, open-air markets where local artisan’s cheese, pottery, crafts and cloths are on display. Turin is less than an hour’s drive for an afternoon of acquisitive pursuits as well as cultural and historic places to visit. An urbane and sophisticated city — rejuvenated by it’s recent hosting of the Winter Olympics – Turin is a pleasant surprise! We include winery visits and arrange tastings of Barolo and Barbaresco producers. Guests may purchase wines to accompany meals while with us. We also arrange shipments home for wines purchased here. There are many interesting food makers — such as artisanal flour and grain mills, bakeries and cheese producers to visit. In addition we will accompany those interested in walks to neighboring villages for an early evening aperitivo. We provide a carbon fiber road bike or electric bike breakfast and dinners, lodging, airport transfers, guiding and tours, wine tastings beginning at $2,800 per person double occupancy — single supplement $400 for agriturismo lodging to $3,800 per person double occupancy — $600 for luxury four star lodging Comprehensive trip cancellation / interruption / medical insurance is available through Travelex and can be included in the package for an additional $250.

Air Arrival Point
Milan Malpensa • 2 hour car transit

Rail Arrival Point
Voghera • 1 hour car transit

Time of Year
May through October

Riding Intensity
Intermediate to Strong

Bianchi carbon fiber race bike/electric
hybrid included.

TEL: 802 291-0415 
Email robert@cycleventoux.com to



- Robert Deeley

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D2R2 August 19, 2017

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The Deerfield Dirt Road Randonnée

The Deerfield Dirt-Road Randonnee was conceived in the 1990's as just a favorite dirt-road loop in the hilltowns of Franklin County, Massachusetts. Since its birth as an organized event in 2005, many have hailed D2R2 as the hardest, most beautiful, most fun, most traffic-free, most unique, and overall best ride that they have ever done.

  • The courses will use the narrowest, oldest, twistiest, quietest, and most-scenic roads available.
  • A range of courses will provide access to novices as well as challenge the world's strongest riders.
  • D2R2 will never offer prizes for anything other than gags, nor will finish results ever be presented like it was a race.
  • The course is not marked. Riders will use cue sheets to navigate the route.
  • Riders shall cover the course in a self-sufficient manner, without motorized crew vehicles.
  • The organization will put as much effort into its food offerings as it does the ride itself.
  • D2R2 will remain a key fundraiser for the Franklin Land Trust's efforts to conserve land in the region.

What is D2R2?

Each August thousands of bicyclists descend on Franklin County to participate in the nation’s largest dirt-road cycling event, the Deerfield Dirt Road Randonnée. Hosted by Franklin Land Trust (FLT), last year the ride attracted cyclists from 26 states and 5 countries.

This year, which marks the 13th anniversary of the event, promises to be the best yet!

Please help us thank Our Current D2R2 Hosts and Sponsors who help make this event possible!

“D2R2,” as the ride has been nicknamed, offers EIGHT dirt-road courses ranging in length from a 12 mile Family Ride to the 180K challenging course. All routes begin at Old Deerfield and thread through agricultural land and forests in western Massachusetts and southern Vermont. The short course has a flat run up the Green River valley, whereas the long course is regarded as perhaps the hardest century ride in the world.

Randonneuring is a vintage French format in which riders are challenged with hard courses but encouraged to keep the atmosphere social. There are no prizes, and riders start in small groups at their leisure; however, the ride is timed and many participants aim to better their time from a previous year. The randonneuring style also engenders a level of self-reliance – riders must navigate the course and perform their own repairs.

One of the things that makes this event so unique, according to Sandy Whittlesey, Ride Designer, is that it attracts cyclists from a wide range of disciplines, from competitive road racers to recreational riders and mountain bikers. “D2R2 has a very egalitarian culture. Nobody cares how fast you are, what your background is, or what you’re riding.” Whittlesey has resisted suggestions of turning D2R2 into a race, or marking the route to make it easier to navigate. “We started the event with a stubborn insistence on the non-competitive, self-reliant style – if you wanted a race or a guided tour, there were lots of those out there. As a result, we ended up with an incredibly cool, friendly, strong group of participants, and we feel very lucky to host such a fun crowd every year.”

In the past twelve years, D2R2 has grown into the largest fund-raising event for the Franklin Land Trust, with entry fees being boosted by merchandise sales, raffles, and corporate sponsorships. The Franklin Land Trust (FLT) is a non-profit organization in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts that conserves farms, forests, wildlands, and other natural resources in western Mass. In many cases, conservation restrictions aimed at encouraging agriculture and forestry are the conservation tool of choice, where FLT holds the restriction, and the land remains in private ownership. Because FLT isn’t being asked to purchase the land, the result is far more land being conserved per dollar: last year, each rider at D2R2 effectively helped to conserve an entire acre of land – something that surely makes all the steep hills and bumpy roads seem well worth it.




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Santa Cruz Nomad Now Available

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The Nomad's reputation is built on consistently pushing the envelope of how DH a bike can get while still remaining usable on most trails. With each iteration we nudge the travel and geometry further towards the outer limits, and each time we surprise ourselves at just how completely rideable the end result remains.

The fourth generation design sees a dramatic shift to the lower-link mounted shock configuration. This is the first time that learnings from years of V10 development have translated across to one of our trail bikes.

The shock rate is now almost completely linear—which means feather-light small bump sensitivity right off the bat, a supportive midstroke and overall progression that you'd normally only experience on a DH bike. To keep the gravity vibe going we've ensured the Nomad can run both standard metric coil shocks and lighter air units to suit any preference.

Full shock compatibility creates challenges when trying to cram everything into the precious bottom bracket area. But the continued evolution of our carbon tech means we're able to create a svelt, strong, swingarm/front triangle combo that's as much art as it is engineering.

We even managed to squeeze in a flip-chip feature on the lower link too. Think of the high setting as "regular", the way the bike's mostly meant to be ridden, and the low setting as being closer to full on DH status.

To handle all this new-found capability the geometry has adapted too. It's longer and lower-slung than ever to ensure maximum stability and confidence on absolutely everything.

The whole package is crowned with a raft of subtle yet essential details. Bolt-on downtube protectors and shuttle guards act as a helmet for your frame—a replaceable front line against abuse. An integrated shock fender has also been added to keep crud out of the suspension.

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