New Model Roundup: Electra Townie, Specialized Rumor & Roubaix Disc

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With the influx of bikes to fix, we've been too busy with our hands on wrenches, elbow deep in suspension oil, and sending folks off on test rides to share with you all the exciting new bikes that we've accumulated over the past month or so! It's a good kind of busy, but it leaves us with a whole lot to share with you all out here cruising the superhighway. That splash of color up there is our line of Electra cruisers. We have a few models: the Townie, Amsterdam, and Cruiser. They're all pretty sweet and super comfortable to ride. They employ a cool tweak in geometry that they call Flat Foot Technology, which puts the pedals a few inches forward from where they are on a traditional bike. This translates to a super laid-back & upright feel, lending to increased visibility, a relaxed arm position, and the ability to reach the ground from the saddle while also maintaining an appropriate leg extension. This one's a big deal for a beginner, allowing the rider the confidence of knowing that they can easily stabilize themselves without sacrificing a good fit. I really like the Amsterdam, which is an internally-geared 3-speed bike that comes tricked out with a fully-enclosed drivetrain & fenders. Oh look, here's one now: electra Come on in and take one for a spin - these are perfect path & around-town bikes. And now for a different take on comfort: roubaixdisc That's the Specialized Roubaix SL4 Expert Disc. Same deal as their incredibly (and very rightfully) popular Roubaix lineup: They take a first-rate race bike, extend the wheelbase and give it a taller headtube. The end result is a bike whose smoothness is unrivaled, but without giving up any of the stiffness & responsiveness that Specialized's carbon fiber bikes are known for. However! This one's an early thunderclap in what is sure to be a monstrous storm: Disc brake road bikes are here. The Roubaix SL4 Expert Disc comes equipped with Shimano CX75 mechanical calipers paired to Ultegra levers, adding a little confidence to any bad-weather riding you may find yourself in. We have a couple of these - a 56 & 54 - come on in to take them for a spin. As always, we're happy to order you the size you need if neither one of these will fit! rumor Here's the 2014 Rumor, which is a fact. Puns, aren't they great. Anyhow, the Rumor is Specialized's first women's-specific full suspension 29er. With 110mm travel, it's a pretty versatile bike, as comfortable in an XC race as it is spending a day exploring the trails. It's technically a 2014 bike, so coming in and taking this for a spin would be like taking a ride with Doc Brown in the Delorean - you'll be in THE FUTURES! So there's the rundown. We have so much more information than this, just come on in and we'll be happy to tell you alllllllllll about these bikes.

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