Skratch Labs Hydration Mix

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skratchlabs(1) We just opened up our first shipment of Skratch Labs hydration mix! Skratch is the new kid on the block as far as hydration mix companies go, but company founder Dr. Allen Lim is no rookie: He has for years been behind the scenes as everything from coach to food scientist to equipment innovator for various ProTour teams, most notably Garmin-Slipstream. The legend goes as such: As we are all aware, cycling teams have sponsors that they are beholden to. Sometimes, those sponsors are hydration/performance food companies. Lim came to the conclusion that the artificial ingredients in most companies' drink mixes were messing with his riders' stomachs (bloating, gas, etc - all relatively common effects from consuming artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol), and after much tinkering in the kitchen came forth with an all-natural drink mix, using absolutely zero artificial ingredients. Cane sugar instead of sorbitol, etc. Now, since his riders were obligated to publicly endorse one drink mix, Lim's concoction came to be known as "Secret Drink Mix" - Something the riders filled their bottles with but kept mum about. But you know how that goes. Word trickles out, little by little. The same sort of whisperings began to happen around the same time regarding another Lim innovation: homemade rice balls & fruit/nut bars used in racing & training rather than pre-packaged energy bars. Enterprising cooks/racers (such as yours truly) took shots in the dark at making bars of their own and experimenting with various ingredients for their own rice balls. This went well, but as a non-scientific guy, I was aware of my limitations. Then even more news started quietly making it's way around the cycling world: Secret Drink Mix was to become commercially available. And Lim was planning on putting together a cookbook! Many nerds in lycra were very excited to hear this news.... So the secret's out! I sincerely believe in the drink mix, it is - as far as I'm concerned - the best choice out there for hydration. You'll feel better, you'll perform better. feedzone A little about the cookbook: A bit at the beginning (and much throughout) is devoted to explaining the science behind the recipes offered within, which is information put out there in a real-world sort of way which doesn't go over your head. The first section of recipes is devoted to in-ride foodstuffs, probably what is going to draw the most interest. From there, though, you get a whole array of pre-ride nutrition ideas, post-ride foods, and even some desserts. Bike racers eating dessert? Now we've heard it all! Here's a taste - pun unfortunately intended - of what's inside: feedzone1 Awesome whole food replacements for your hyper-processed energy bars & gels feedzone2 Quick & easy post-ride foods Come on in, I'd be happy to talk your ear off about how awesome this stuff is.

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