First and foremost, we want all our customers and friends to be healthy. We are constantly evaluating the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation and we are following CDC recommendations.

    ⁃    We are disinfecting the shop frequently during the day.

    ⁃    Handwashing stations will available throughout the store.

    ⁃    We will practice social distancing while assisting you.

    ⁃    We will offer free delivery and pickup for anyone.

    ⁃    Please feel free to call if you need special arrangements.

    ⁃    Visit “ “ for their “click and collect “ if you want to shop online and/or call the shop for help.

    ⁃    We will be open regular hours 10-5, Monday-Friday, 10-5 -Saturday and 12-5 Sunday 

Thank you for your consideration from all of us at VBSW

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