Last summer, I had ACL reconstruction and was immobile for more than a month. It was the worst. The pain, the aggravation and the slow processI soon began to take a toll physically and mentally. I Realized that being on my mountain bike in eight weeks was not going to happen. I was exercising  in the gym, going to PT and slowly getting discouraged on my progress. (I'm no kid anymore). Fast forward to the Cannondale dealer demo in Utah. Basically, I was going to hang out and watch as others were riding cross country, road and downhill bikes. Not ideal, until I decided to try the Cannondale Moterra, their pedal assisted electric bike version made with a Bosch motor and 120-300 % capability. First, I rode it around the parking lot of Snowbasin, soon thereafter, I was testing it on an access road above the main base lodge. Finally, two months out of surgery with the help of an electric bike, I was standing at the summit via the Moterra. Amazing! I was sold! More importantly, I had a new respect for what these bikes could do and who they could help.

At the end of the day, ebikes are brand new facet of cycling. There's sure to be skeptics as we introduce them into the world of bikes. But it's clear that ebikes are a tool that can make communities healthier and more bike friendly. They will have their naysayers, however, they get cars off the road and people riding that might not ride ever! Whether you love them or hate them, they are here to stay. I'd challenge you to stop by and either ride them or talk to one of us  who has ridden them or owns one. 

-Dave Buckley


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