We ate too much over the holidays. So much that even our bikes are now noticeably fatter. fattie4   This isn't an awesome photoshop job - you know as well as I do that I am not capable of that - we actually received the long-in-production and eagerly awaited Fatboy Expert from Specialized. For a while, it seemed like Bigfoot, a UFO, or the Loch Ness monster: believed in - even spotted by some, with questionable blurry photos - but with no concrete proof for folks like you & I that the thing actually lives, breathes, EXISTS. UNTIL TODAY! fattie2 The winter can often be an awkward time for a bike mechanic. Way less glamourous than in the summer; spokes can only be inventoried & benches can only be straightened out so many times before you're treading a worn path. I only mention this to set the stage for how eagerly I was anticipating this bike's arrival: If it arrived at any point in the year, it would be a cool thing to check out, but arriving in the dead of winter - in the middle of a cold snap, no less - this thing became my raison d'etre since the day we received notification of shipment. To summarize that last paragraph in internetese: I HAVE MUCH EXCITE FOR THIS FATTY. How could I not? I mean, LOOK AT THE FRIGGIN BOX IT CAME IN: fatbox Yes, that is an adult-sized human in that box. I'd have got in too, but then no one would've been able to take a photo and we'd just be two grown men hanging out in a cardboard box. Also, Matt plans on using this as his house going forward, and I didn't want to encroach on his territory. Didn't seem totally respectful, ya know? OK. Now that the important stuff is out of the way: This is the only one of these that we have, and likely the only one that Specialized will be able to furnish until March or so. It's a 19" frame - size large - and will not last long at all, so consider this the official starting pistol ringing out announcing the race to get down to the shop! I have a feeling that my job description changes to "guy who rides this thing around the shop grounds" until it's gone. That's alright by me! fattie3  

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