defrostah Winter's here. That's either an awesome cause for elation or a terrible tragedy, depending on which side of the bike/ski fence you've built your fort. While most of us at the Werks don't believe in those kinds of borders & are proud citizens of the world as far as the boundaries between seasonal enjoyment goes, there is one universal truth about winter that none of us can escape: It's COLD. Numb & painfully-thawing extremities are all too often what keeps us from hitting the trails or braving the bluster of the open road these winter months, but that decision has to be balanced against the monotony of hours spent staring at a wall on a trainer. Of course, here's where we will encourage you to pick up some nordic or AT skis to get your winter sweat on. BUT! We recognize two things as far as that encouragement goes: 1, that - like anything in life - not everyone wants to do what we want to do, and 2, that variety is the cumin of life. Or is it the garam masala of life? You get what I'm saying. Variety is the some-kind-of-food-garnish of life. May as well sprinkle some wintry mountain biking in with your backcountry skiing! So here are the Defrosters. Sure, they aren't as light and flashy as the S-Works MTB shoes, but therein lies their glory. These things are insulated like Matt White's house: thinly, but VERY effectively, and at minimal cost. The Defroster features Thinsulate 400g insulation, which warms & is waterproof. The collar is made of neoprene, which snugs up above your ankles to prevent snow or water from entering from above. They are kind of built like Nordic skiing boots: A waterproof layer wraps itself over the BOA system which snugs you up in the shoe. Also like Nordic boots, it's a wider fit than most Specialized BG shoes, to accommodate thicker socks. These things will definitely get you through until the outdoors ceases to look like the cover of a Scandinavian black metal record. They're worth their weight in gold, BUT! unlike gold, we will not make you spend $35,000+ on these shoes.

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