skratchapple   Skratch Labs mixes are the new vanguard in on-bike performance hydration. Frankly, since switching to their stuff after years of using the dissolving hydration tabs, I'd not go back. I've been so wholly satisfied with their four flavors that the introduction of a new offering is exciting news. So apples & cinnamon, yeah? Get this: they recommend consuming it hot, but it boils down to about the same formula as their other flavors, so it will work cold as well. This doesn't taste like a sport mix version of apple cider - this tastes like straight-up apple cider. Swing on in and pick some up - now that the temperatures are dipping below freezing and the apple harvest is upon us, it makes more sense than ever! Oh and also, check out this video for it, featuring pro cyclist & friend of the shop Jeremy Powers:

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