Just in time for cyclocross (or fall MTB!), our kit has arrived! kit Still warm from production, these were printed & stitched in-house just down the street at VOMax in Northampton, designed in the service area of our shop by me (Stephen). The idea was to keep it simple & give a tip of the cap to the golden years of cycling. Think Fausto Coppi, Gino Bartali, Hugo Koblet: koblet We wanted the kit to be as much a tip of the cap to cycling's beautiful, storied history and the legends that comprise our sport's past as it is an acknowledgement of the current state of cycling. It is a jersey that is as at home on a Columbus SL De Rosa or loaded-up Rivendell touring machine as it is your carbon fiber Tarmac with Di2, and is available in a variety of fits, from tiger-tight to MTB baggy. Also, for those interested in keeping everything cohesive from head to toe, we also produced a very limited run of matching bib shorts. I can tell you this anecdotally from years of experience in various brand bibs: the VOMax bibs are second to none - they make a long day in the saddle incrementally more pleasurable. So come on in & try them on for size. They're going fast, but not nearly as fast as you'll be (or at least look!) when you're riding in it around the valley! stephenvbswkit2stephenvbswkit(That last line was super cheesy, I know. <3SP)    

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