photo 1 (1)So while the cats are away at the Specialized dealer event in Colorado this week, us mice back home have been at play. One of the tunes that I've worked on in the past few days stands apart from everything else: It's not every day one gets to work on a National Champion race bike. Jeremy Powers is a local pro who races for the Rapha-Focus Cyclocross team & Jelly Belly/Kenda on the road. He's also the "J" in J.A.M. Fund and has made endless contributions to growing our local cycling & racing community. Not enough positive things can be said about him and his commitment & drive, which is why it was so painful to see him come so close so many times to winning the US cyclocross National Championships. That is, prior to 2012, when he soloed away to victory in frigid Madison, Wisconsin and was finally able to pull on the stars-and-stripes jersey. photo 3 (1) With the jersey also comes the honor of being able to race a stars-and-bars decked bike, which is what you're looking at. This one, in particular, is about to be raffled off at the J.A.M. Fund Grand Fundo this coming Sunday. It's a Focus Mares, the German company's flagship cyclocross frame, done up in SRAM Red, with Easton bars, stem, seatpost, and wheels (glued up with legendary Dugast tubular tires): photo 5   Check out these unattainable Crank Bros Candy pedals (unless you win a national championship race or win this raffle, naturally): photo 4   Holy moly. So, while we can't sell you this bike in this particular color scheme, we sure can get you set up with something just as rad. The Mares is available in several colors with a smorgasboard of componentry packages, but typically tends to sell out early -- CX season is just around the corner, come on in & we'll help you get sorted out in time! While on the topic, go sign up for the Grand Fundo! It's a great time on some of the best roads our area has to offer. It's an incredible thing to not be taken for granted -- Come make some new friends, have some post-ride BBQ & local beer, and WIN THE RAFFLE PRIZES! Seeya there! photo 2 (2)   (While we're at it, may as well point you towards J-Pows' excellent cyclocross documentary series, Behind THE Barriers, too!)    

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