Ladies & Gentlemen, behold: DA9000(1) That's sitting on the bench in our ski zone. Well, now they're in a display case, but you know. The point is, if you've been patiently biding your time until we received our DA9000 gruppo, wait no more! We have all the bits in stock & ready to install to a frame of your choosing, all the info we'd need is your preferred cassette range & what wheel you're currently running (in order to replace the freehub body). While I haven't been able to enjoy the pleasure of riding this group, I can tell you that it's rad; pretty head & shoulders better than 7900. It's cool & all that it's 11spd, but I think the main feature & biggest draw of the group is the retooled crankset/chainring. It's light as all get-out, not only because of the erased fifth spider arm, but also because of the hollow chainring & crankarm. Beyond that, we can now run any chainring combination possible on one crankset - from compact 50-34 to mid-compact 52-36 on up to standard 53-39. No sacrifice of stiffness, as you would find if you were to run a 53-39 setup on a 110 bcd crankset. I'm done writing down numbers now, hope you're still with me! The front derailleur is super pared down & minimal, as are the new calipers. All told, it comes in at a claimed weight of 1965g, which is significantly lighter than the DA7900 group, and even a few grams lighter than the SRAM Red 2012 group. The shifting, by all accounts, is crisp and the levers are comfy; Shimano has spent much energy on improved shift lever engagement & ergonomics. I would absolutely love to help you build this up, so come on in or drop us a line to get it all sorted away! stephen9000 ....And it's delicious.

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